Our Team

Advisory Board

Prof. Haim D. Rabinowitch

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences

  • Institute of Plant Science and Genetics in Agricultur

Prof. Fienerman Eli

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences

  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Management

Prof. Rozenboim Israel

  • The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem
    Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences
    Institute of Animal Sciences in Agriculture

Ms Orly Guy L.L.B.

Attorney, LLB at Law –legal adviser

Mr Yakov Mualem

C.E.O  of Kidum , Vulcani institute (waiting for final approval from the Netzivut Sherut Hamedina)


Dr Ronit Koren - Managing General Partner

Strategic and operational leader for early stage and growth investments.

20 years of expertise, with focus on cyber technology IoT, TMT, and Fin Tech.

Battery Ventures – Vice President focusing on Israel and Europe

Several corporate business development positions in global Israeli companies.

Personally familiar with the entrepreneurial community, scientists, investors and governmental agencies.

MBA  and PhD in Marketing and PhD in Psychology from Baruch Collage NYC

Mr. Dror Nagel - Managing General Partner

  • Mr. Dror Nagel has been Chief Executive Officer at Azorim Investment Development & Construction Co. Ltd., since February 2013.Mr. Nagel has been an Executive Vice President and Head of Securities & Financial Products Division at Bank Hapoalim since March 2004.He has also been an Economic Advisor to the Minister of Health and a Corporate Coordinator, Israeli Government’s companies Authority in the Ministry of Finance.Mr. Nagel joined Bank Hapoalim in 1996 and served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Mutual Funds Division of Bank Hapoalim. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Gmulot’, a provident fund assets management company, Deputy General Manager of “Peilim” a portfolio management company within the Bank Hapoalim Group.Prior to joining Bank Hapoalim, Mr. Nagel served as the Chief Executive Officer of Israel Credit Lines MAOF Ltd., as well as head of the derivatives department at Bank Hamizrachi, Securities Division. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Finance and Investments Limited until January 2010. Mr. Nagel served as the Chief Executive Officer of phoenix Investments at The Phoenix Holdings Ltd., since January 2009. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Poalim Mabat Foreign Certificates Ltd. and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Poalim International Indices Ltd.He serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Bank Hapoalim’s Business Records Company, Board of Director of the Derivatives Clearing House at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.He has been Director at Azorim Investment Development & Construction Co. Ltd., since May 2011. He serves as Member of Financial Advisory Board at Novatrans Group SA.He has been a Director of Poalim Global Multi-Manager US Equity Fund plc at Poalim Asset Management (UK) Limited since June 2005.Mr. Nagel served as Director at Poalim Global Multi-Manager 50 Plc and Poalim Global Multi-Manager 20 Plc. Mr. Nagel holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance and Banking and a

    Bachelors Degree in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Mr Ori Shalev - Managing General Partner

Mr. Ori Shalev is currently employed at Odin Investments Limited. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Kamin Real Estate.

Prior to this, Mr. Shalev served as the Chief Executive Officer of Gmul Investment Company Ltd. Before that, he served in several positions at Bank Hapoalim Group, including as the Head of the unit which managed the equity investment portfolio of the Bank.

Mr. Shalev holds an M.B.A. and a B.A. in Economics and Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mr Joseph Haviv - Founder and Managing General Partner

Mr. Joseph Haviv has over 30 years experience in the development, marketing and management of large scale domestic and international projects including but not limited to land development, trading and communication, Hotel Management, advertising and tourism, franchise and management consulting.

Currently Mr Haviv is the  President and Chief Executive Officer Horizon Group  Expert Innovative SolutionsInc.and President of Horizon Arts Miami.

Mr. Haviv was a Director of International Business Development for ETV Global, Inc.

Mr. Haviv is responsible to identify, structure, negotiate and develop business relationships with internationally based companies in wide range of emerging industries in the commercial, high tech, real estate, agriculture technologies, energy.

Mr. Haviv was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Claircom Ltd., a development, marketing and investment company, based in Israel. The company develops investment projects for domestic and international clients and it is sponsored by corporations worldwide.

Mr. Haviv was directly involved in the office of the Israel Prime Minister as an advisore, a member of the administration of the Jerusalem Economic Forum and a special advisor on Knesset contacts. He is the director of the government of East Jerusalem Development Company and the chairman of the control board of East Jerusalem Development Company, a governmental company with over NIS 100 million in annual budget.

As chairman of the board and chairman of the investment committee of the Israel Biochemical & Microbiological Association (K.S.M) Study Fund, Mr. Haviv, was a member of the board of directors and managed over NIS 350 million in assets in investment banking.

Mr. Haviv is a graduate of the military intelligence; he holds a Bachelor (B.B.A) and a Master of Administration in management (M.B.A) from Thames Valley University (TVU), London

Investor Relations